Anie mini série part 2 | Anie | Régina | Valéria | M. Jacques | Valdez

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    Anie is the story of a young maid who suffered a lot in life. She started working as a housekeeper. Her affection and her qualities as a caring and reserved woman earned her the sympathy of her boss (Valdez). But the boss's wife (Rosie) having noticed the servant's attachment (Anie) for her man wanted to trap her. The boss having been made aware of the scheme of his wife divorced her. Following this the boss asked Anie to stay at work at home but she wanted to leave with her boyfriend who came to get her to go and marry her.
    A few months later Anie found a little waitress job in a restaurant. His new boss is a tough man who makes his life very difficult. He shouts at her and is never satisfied with what she does. The height, he does not stop banging on the buttocks. What annoys Anie. One morning Valdez who is his former boss comes to the restaurant and that's where everything starts again.

    Anie is going to suffer a lot in what will happen next ...

    Directed by: Maestro KERWILL
    Story by: Anabelle Jessica JULES
    Plot/Script by: Ricardo NELSON
    Screenplay by: Jules Jessica Anabelle/ Ricardo Nelson
    Produced by: MK Agency

    Anabelle Jessica JULES (Anie)
    Ricardo NELSON (Valdez)
    Esther DOMINIQUE (Régina)
    Sony CELY (Dr. Cely)
    Darsen ROGER (Valeria)
    Maestro KERWILL (MK le prisonnier)

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