Dear Tumblr, Being Fat Is Not Healthy

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    Edit after a month:
    I hate this video with a burning passion
    Skip to 1:30 if you want to skip the intro.
    This movement promotes unhealthy behaviour and practices.This video was more so a vent than anything on this issue.
    Leave me video suggestions for the future!

    For everyone asking, the game that I play in this video is DOOM 2016.

    This video was supposed to go up a week ago but I had editor and wifi issues.
    Sources for original videos seen in this one:

    Fat Chubby bunny challenge:

    Amy Schumer cringe:

    Fat acceptance debate:

    Whitney Thore DESTROYED:

    Whitney Thore whining:

    Dr.Phil fat person:

    In addition I would recommend anyone here who is interested in this topic to go check out Hunter Avallone's channel as he has made a few videos on Fat Acceptance.
    Bodyweight setpoint sources (I forgot to overlay the article I was reading from calling it a theory):

    Obesity affecting asthma source:

    Channel Savantics

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